A long time dream come true!

Getting a own domain is a long time dream for me. My web presence was a LOT messy! Yes it was, and not is :P I first started blogging in blogspot.com. Err okay, I won't say I blogged there. The desire to have a website dragged me there, and I did have a few blog posts, which are utterly nonsense stuff! hey but, what can you expect from a 16+1 year old kid :P That blog eventually turned into a tamil blog, which I still maintain here - azhaguselvan.blogpost.com

Next, is a short flirtation with wordpress.com. While I was there, I learned there are plenty free hosting providers around, who will allow me to have a separate space on web! I also learned that they allowed me to install wordpress software myself and host a blog on my own. That was a big thing for me at that time. And I started accounts on dozens(yes, I was crazy :P) of those hosting providers and literally played with them. No serious web building stuff happened. All I did was experimenting installation of different softwares like wordpress, drupal, joomla, phpBB and all that stuff. The one which was the last and long lasted free hosting provider is x10hosting.com :)

While all that was happening, I always wanted to have a fully owned domain name. But the domain registration costs were above Rs. 500 and I didn't want to spend too much into that :P Then I came to know about the co.cc free domains. They offered free sub domains for one year. I registered one as azhaguselvan.co.cc and used that with x10hosting.com. A lot happened after that, I started some serious web building, Tried to have consistent blog posts, Switched blogging softwares, Rolled out my own one here - dumbblogger :D (A detailed post on this some time later!)

I also switched to a super awesome hosting provider named http://nearlyfreespeech.net - only pay for what you use :) As I completely use static files in my web space - (I use a static blog software! No databases :P) - nfsn proved very very effective for me. The whole hosting cost for my previous one year is just $ 2.04 ;) They provide ssh access, DNS, and a custom control panel and a lot more.

Recently a very generous fellow geek offered some free web space on his server, in which my current landing page is hosted :) Ok enough flashback - let me go into the details of the new domain. Recently I saw that .in domains are sold for Rs. 99 for one year. I instantly rushed to get one for me from http://domains.vazhangi.com. I also heard that though the registration costs are lower, .in domains cost high for renewal. But I don't care cos I will be a employed guy next year :P So, I formally announce here that, Myself has bought a new domain http://tamizhgeek.in and it will serve as my webface herafter!

PS: For now I have the azhaguselvan.co.cc and blog.azhaguselvan.co.cc fully functional. But after few days, I'll make them redirect permanently to tamizhgeek.in. The blog will be available in blog.tamizhgeek.in. Please update your feed readers and bookmarks accordingly :)

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Inspired by gautham

After seeing my friend's site here, I was very impressed and wish my site would also have such neat, cool and clean design. Actually I hate designing and css stuff. But yet I decided to get my hands over it and try as far as I could. So my website design is in the process of updation.

A tiny part - designing a new header is finished. Have a look :)

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Host change and design revamp

My website after a host change, dropping of personal blog, complete overhaul of UI etc has went live. :P

Blueprint CSS saved my day. I hate tinkering with css stuff. No mood to try any CMS too. So sat back found that blueprint, and finally brought a somewhat-nice-site up. I am happy. Real happy :)

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