The only thing missing is a beer :)

Today is a perfect day with lot of nice things happened. Ouch! it's not today., but yesterday!! It's already 1.47 midnight.

First I helped my friend to make the software club idea to take off in my college. Then I had a interview - the first time in my life :D It was an phone interview for a internship oppurtunity with a startup. And w0000t, it went perfectly well :)

Then I had this one long conversation with a senior regarding the fate and blockade of TCENet development. Revealed a lot of frigging secrets :P

After all this happened, an call with bala anna., he explained/revealed many awesome things - which added a extra dose of happiness. Finally it's gonna end with some code - went out as patches to TCENet and gone into Remote Admin as local commits.

And know what, me going off to chennai for this weekend :D woohoo!

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There comes bala anna..

It's my long wish to contribute code to TCENet , an F/OSS based ERP portal of my college.

I dint have a proper guidance, so i lacked in my progress. And there comes bala anna, he gave lot of suggestions, made me involved in this,encouraged, cleared my doubts without a single fuss! So, things started getting shape, and one fine evening after his approval, i sent the patch to project-mentors. After a round of review and corrections my patch was accepted. I'm damn happy :D All thanks to bala anna.

Later within a week my another patch was also accepted. Of-course both are trivial, stupid patches, But still it encourages me :P

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