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I _AM_ Busy ;)


/me has been really doing some nice things from the new year!

Firstly, I am writing some real code for TCENet(yay!)

.. and then this TFL happened :P All credits goes to gautham who told this idea, organised things suffered to make it a sucess. But still am contributing a tiny part for it. So I have my rights to be proud ;-) If this TFL continues to be success, then it will bring up a great break-through in TCE's knowledge seeking/sharing community.

...then we're supposed to make a website for LOSA - A state level interschool cultural meet organised by TVS alumnis. Since that website is also supposed to host online events too, I can see a loads of oppurtunity to test my coding skills ahead :-D

Then this mock-interview from the placement training classes happened. To my suprise I got a very nice feedback about my way of communication and my resume :) The areas I lack were the questions shitty papers I studied in my previous semesters. Learning concepts in them is no big deal. I am really happy that I am way ahead from many of my mates in communication, which i thought i would be lacking at the worst :-D

...and finally here came a situation/work which forces me to learn designing stuff like jQuery/YUI etc which I wish to learn but was avoiding for a long time.

So ah yes, azhaguselvan is/was/would be busy for atleast another few weeks doing really useful things ;-)

I can't end this without being mentioning about the two awesome parties happened - one before new year night and one in the next week at KODAI :-D

I love my life :)

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