Finally, I could call myself a runner :P

Last week sunday(07/12/2014), I ran my first half marathon at The Wipro Chennai Marathon'14. My timing was 3:09:23. Which I think is decent for a person of my physique with no proper training whatsoever.

I didn't have any timing expectations to start with. Infact even a week before the event, I was cursing myself that I have did this half marathon registration with overconfidence and I should have just ran a 10K and hoped for my personal best timing. A week before the event, I tried to run a 15K but got exhausted at 11K and had to cut short the run and return home. To top all that, I woke up with a heavy cold, and throbbing head the day previous to the event. Scared and hopeless, I ran to the medical shop and bought a 'Benadryl' syrup and took two servings, hoping that would help me with the situation ;-) Infact it did, the next day my cold was much better.

As usual with the excitement and scare, I slept barely for 3 hours the previous night. So, with all these - I really didn't have much expectations for the run. All I was hoping was to somehow finish the run atleast by crawling the last few kms. It may sound cliche, but seeing that big crowd at 5 in the morning, all waiting to run those 21kms cheering up each other was a big mental boost. The first half of the run was pretty much eventless, I could comfortably complete the 10K mark in my usual pace of 7.30. Right after 11K the legs started to disobey. I reduced the pace and shifted to Run-Walk-Run mode. That worked for sometime but after 15-16K I just couldn't tell my body to run. It flatly refused. I even skipped the last two refreshment points, fearing that once I stop I may not be able to walk further. I strongly felt, marathon as much as it is physical endurance test, it is a mental endurance one as well. Literally at every step I have fight with my body to lift the legs. At some point, it was frustrating and the whole thing looked pointless. I was like, "Why on earth am I going through all this shit?. I should have just ran a 10K and have had a enjoyable experience. This fucking thing is nowhere near enjoyment or fun :-/" I even sweared to myself to never attempt another half marathon in my life :-) At one such frustrating moment, I saw someone holding a board which said - "Pains fade.. Muscles heal.. But the achievement - thats priceless!". Those things WERE HELPFUL atleast to me. Whoever out there who was holding that board, a big thank you to you!

Atlast, when I saw the 1K remaining mark, somehow something happened and I decided to run to completion no matter what. I did RUN the last KM and the moment I reached the finish line - there are only very few moments in life where I have felt extremely happy and prideful - that was one of them. All those pain, agony and frustration went away and I was super active again :) That was surely magical and one hell of a experience!

PS: Thanks to the TWCM team, there is nothing I could possibly point as bad. Only if they provide something other than that stupid burger for the post run refreshment.. Sigh!

PPS: I have already planned my next half marathon :P Discovering running was one of the best things happened to me :)

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Forgive me if I'm bragging too much!

So here I am after running my first ever full 5km run. I should thank a lot of people for inspiring me to start running - most importantly joe. I know 5k is too small to be a significant distance. The 40.53 mins I took for running it is not really great. But above all I still feel very great to have done this. Currently I weigh 3kgs less than a century. Being a lazy bum, I have NEVER done any physical sports activites all through my childhood. So this insignificant run holds a big inspiration for me. Already looking forward to Kaveri Trail Marathon and TCS world 10k, which are coming up in next few months. Here is a photo of myself and karthik after finishing the run.

Click on the pic to get a better view.

I have been recording most of my runs in runkeeper. The 5k run is here

I hope running becomes part of my lifestyle. Wish me luck!

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