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No complaining, No cribbing. Just sharing :P

Being from a python background, I just wanted to share this comment about ruby in HN,

" but fundamentally, it's more like the bastard child of a torrid, three-way affair between Lisp, Python and Perl-- the genetic heritage was passed on, but poor baby Ruby got little of the careful childhood upbringing.

The result? Ruby has the syntactical consistency and beauty of Perl, and the blazing speed and low overhead of LispThere are roughly six dozen different ways of doing everything (including really simple things, like delimiting blocks), and bizarre inconsistencies in basic use cases (e.g. most String functions return copies, whereas nearly everything else works by reference), and plenty of long-term code maintainabilit nightmares lurking in the corners. "

No, I don't endorse all the above points. I'm still in early stage of learning ruby and I'm not complaining about the language. But, just wanted to share :P

Published at : Thursday Jul,21 2011 at 17:02 | Tags : ruby, hacking, | Comments
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