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And this is awesome too!

I have sucessfully migrated to the new HiSlain blog from my old WP blog. As i said i have been contributing to this application. I ported the plaintxt theme which i have been using.

Now, I have wrote a script which effectively migrates all the WP posts, pages, tags to HiSlain. I have done my migration with my own-script and am happy :D

During this migration there were problems thrown by unicode strings created by stupid-WP RSS file. I have to fix my script to encode and decode those strings while storing and retreiving from the file.

Current implementation has no built-in FTP. So am manually transferring files from my PC to web server. Will think of intergrating FTP support - yuvi also promised to do that. But i can't wait for that - I have migrated. And you re now in my HiSlain blog.

Now yuvi should also be happy.

Published at : Thursday Oct,22 2009 at 01:28 | Tags : hislain, hacking, happymoments, | Comments
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