Yes it sucks!

Thunderbird 3 has a nice setup like this - we enter the email address and password alone - it will search for the IMAP and SMTP servers avilable for the email id and set them up automatically.

But hell I need POP3 with my gmail. In TB-3 there is no direct manual option to choose POP3 as the server type.

So after entering the login credentials, just click continue.

And on the next screen, while it searches for the servers, click on the tiny stop link on the right top.

Now you have got the manual options to select POP3. :-D Courtesy : click here!

But this is a stupid hack - for such a famous client they must have provided this option so that users can do it directly.

Hope they change it soon!

Published at : Monday Feb,01 2010 at 23:34 | Tags : thunderbird, how-to, | View Comments
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