I have started hacking with HiSlain application. ...

I have started hacking with HiSlain application. I have successfully ported the plaintxtblog theme - my blog currently using it - to the HiSlain blog engine. It works cool in my local setup. You can find the code here - <http://github.com/tamizhgeek/my-blog> :P

Now, am looking into the exported XML file from the wordpress installation - that has all my blog entries. Thinking of writing a script to parse that and write the output as needed by HiSlain to make my transition smoother. This can also pave way for the wordpress -> HiSlain converter tool :D

But not now. I'm done for today. Gonna crash to sleep at once. Grrrrr.

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And this is awesome too!

I have sucessfully migrated to the new HiSlain blog from my old WP blog. As i said i have been contributing to this application. I ported the plaintxt theme which i have been using.

Now, I have wrote a script which effectively migrates all the WP posts, pages, tags to HiSlain. I have done my migration with my own-script and am happy :D

During this migration there were problems thrown by unicode strings created by stupid-WP RSS file. I have to fix my script to encode and decode those strings while storing and retreiving from the file.

Current implementation has no built-in FTP. So am manually transferring files from my PC to web server. Will think of intergrating FTP support - yuvi also promised to do that. But i can't wait for that - I have migrated. And you re now in my HiSlain blog.

Now yuvi should also be happy.

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Now I knew what a static blog engine is - Thanks to yuvi!

Now am seriously into this. I was reading through the code of this pretty app from 6.30 morning today. Its sooper cool and i am simply amazed. Finished off the functionality code part. I have to learn that jinja2 templating language used in that. The first task I'd would like to do - is porting this 'plaintxtblog' theme to HiSlain. I'm sure i am going to start it right now . I slightly remember, i have analysis of algorithms exams tomorrow. But who cares?

As i said _i_am_seriously_into_this :P

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A static blog engine and what it has for me!

Here it is- http://github.com/yuvipanda/HiSlain

HiSlain- A small static blog publishing app written in python. Well am pretty impressed with it after seeing it in action here - http://yuvi.in/blog

It is developed by yuvipanda- a die hard coder( http://github.com/yuvipanda) :)

It has blocks, plugins (Suprise suprise!) etc.

An almost GPL-ed software available for sharing and reuse.

So decided to get my hands over it, help in develop it, port this plaintxtblog theme to HiSlain and to use it as my blog-tool. A to-do marked for coming study-holidays :P

I am happy to hack with it :)

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