Special thanks to my friend who made it awesome!

Email as far as I am concerned is the best way to communicate complex matters both professionally and personally. Best way among the modern day communication channels. Vocal talks, either Face to Face or Through phone/VOIP is too distractive for me. I couldn't tell exactly things I wanted to tell, because there is distraction in some or other way during the talk. Also I suck at choosing right words at the first time, so end up saying something awkward which spoils the whole talk. Email gives the comfort to present the thoughts in a undistracted way. Allows me time to choose the words correctly. And it has always worked, both in personal and professional fronts. And all the above points works for the opposite party as well. There is no instant response expected of you, so you can take time to go through the email, think about it and then reply. Exactly the reason why gtalk/whatsapp/* are not really working for me to do serious conversations. Email has done wonders and has also healed bad wounds for me!

Yesterday was one such day, where I ended up sending a long personal email to a friend and it fucking made my day :D I took 2 hours to draft that 50+ line email. Dumped all thoughts in nice way, and it kind of ended a 3 year long misunderstanding between us. I have tried this many times during vocal communication, or through instant messengers like gtalk/whatsapp/* but everytime it was too distractive to exactly convey the point. So again Email worked wonders, and both of us ended the day yesterday in a really happy note.

I can only imagine the joy people had in conversing through snail mails till the last decade. I decided I should try that once, before it becomes obselete like the telegram :)

PS: This post in addition to being a rant about email, remains here as a marker to the day, I ended a long standing dispute with my bestest ever friend! I've never been so happy recently. Thank you :)

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There's nothing like the work getting recognised and appreciated! :D

The pic says it all :)

Certificate of appreciation

For a better view, click here :)

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A long time dream come true!

Getting a own domain is a long time dream for me. My web presence was a LOT messy! Yes it was, and not is :P I first started blogging in blogspot.com. Err okay, I won't say I blogged there. The desire to have a website dragged me there, and I did have a few blog posts, which are utterly nonsense stuff! hey but, what can you expect from a 16+1 year old kid :P That blog eventually turned into a tamil blog, which I still maintain here - azhaguselvan.blogpost.com

Next, is a short flirtation with wordpress.com. While I was there, I learned there are plenty free hosting providers around, who will allow me to have a separate space on web! I also learned that they allowed me to install wordpress software myself and host a blog on my own. That was a big thing for me at that time. And I started accounts on dozens(yes, I was crazy :P) of those hosting providers and literally played with them. No serious web building stuff happened. All I did was experimenting installation of different softwares like wordpress, drupal, joomla, phpBB and all that stuff. The one which was the last and long lasted free hosting provider is x10hosting.com :)

While all that was happening, I always wanted to have a fully owned domain name. But the domain registration costs were above Rs. 500 and I didn't want to spend too much into that :P Then I came to know about the co.cc free domains. They offered free sub domains for one year. I registered one as azhaguselvan.co.cc and used that with x10hosting.com. A lot happened after that, I started some serious web building, Tried to have consistent blog posts, Switched blogging softwares, Rolled out my own one here - dumbblogger :D (A detailed post on this some time later!)

I also switched to a super awesome hosting provider named http://nearlyfreespeech.net - only pay for what you use :) As I completely use static files in my web space - (I use a static blog software! No databases :P) - nfsn proved very very effective for me. The whole hosting cost for my previous one year is just $ 2.04 ;) They provide ssh access, DNS, and a custom control panel and a lot more.

Recently a very generous fellow geek offered some free web space on his server, in which my current landing page is hosted :) Ok enough flashback - let me go into the details of the new domain. Recently I saw that .in domains are sold for Rs. 99 for one year. I instantly rushed to get one for me from http://domains.vazhangi.com. I also heard that though the registration costs are lower, .in domains cost high for renewal. But I don't care cos I will be a employed guy next year :P So, I formally announce here that, Myself has bought a new domain http://tamizhgeek.in and it will serve as my webface herafter!

PS: For now I have the azhaguselvan.co.cc and blog.azhaguselvan.co.cc fully functional. But after few days, I'll make them redirect permanently to tamizhgeek.in. The blog will be available in blog.tamizhgeek.in. Please update your feed readers and bookmarks accordingly :)

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Oh yeah I got a job. [Aricent](http://www.aricent...

Oh yeah I got a job. Aricent visited our college campus last week for recruiting us and I made through the three rounds of the interview and got selected :D The interview was a nice experience and they announced the results in 2 AM midnight. No., I was not awake :P My friends called up and told me.

We all were sitting in groups and studying the OS and network concepts trying to master all the stuff in that SINGLE day. Every guy who went before me got a decent amount of questions from those domains and yes data structures too. But not for me :P

The interviewee read my resume, and started asking questions from GNU/Linux (yay!). I got questions even about Subversion, but not even a single question from OS or Networks :D So that went like a cakewalk :)

Now having got placed in Aricent, I have a answer for a question that every random guy I met asked in the past four months.

"Hey ya! You're in final year huh? What about the placements dude?"

Yes, that was pretty tiring to answer when almost every person you meetup asks the same question and you don't have an answer!

And that also gave much happiness to my parents. Larger than I expected. Cos, they are in complete state of mess after watching my fcking internal mark reports which my college sends after every fcking internal exam to my home! They don't understand the concept of "getting marks and getting a job are different" and they were greatly disappointed. BUT now they are HAPPY :)

I lost interest in getting fancy marks long ago, and I was writing exams only for the sake of it. I have spent many sleepless before-exam-nights reading/configuring/programming/*ing with my PC, when all my class mates are involved in group studies :P Again, I am happy that., I proved myself to every idiot who treated me like a dumbass, cos I don't have a decent CGPA as the class toppers. Heck, a lot of class toppers even didn't get placed!


I always wish to work in a Free-software based company, in the free-software way, in a hacker-ish way.

I never want to become a programmer who sits somewhere in the process of assembly line programming, among a colony of programmers and generate code., in a traditional IT firm!

As yuvi says here - " I want what I work on to be part of my life - and not as something that I should escape from so I can have a life"

I too will make sure that will happen :)

Kudos to all my friends who made it to the job along with me!

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I _AM_ Busy ;)


/me has been really doing some nice things from the new year!

Firstly, I am writing some real code for TCENet(yay!)

.. and then this TFL happened :P All credits goes to gautham who told this idea, organised things suffered to make it a sucess. But still am contributing a tiny part for it. So I have my rights to be proud ;-) If this TFL continues to be success, then it will bring up a great break-through in TCE's knowledge seeking/sharing community.

...then we're supposed to make a website for LOSA - A state level interschool cultural meet organised by TVS alumnis. Since that website is also supposed to host online events too, I can see a loads of oppurtunity to test my coding skills ahead :-D

Then this mock-interview from the placement training classes happened. To my suprise I got a very nice feedback about my way of communication and my resume :) The areas I lack were the questions shitty papers I studied in my previous semesters. Learning concepts in them is no big deal. I am really happy that I am way ahead from many of my mates in communication, which i thought i would be lacking at the worst :-D

...and finally here came a situation/work which forces me to learn designing stuff like jQuery/YUI etc which I wish to learn but was avoiding for a long time.

So ah yes, azhaguselvan is/was/would be busy for atleast another few weeks doing really useful things ;-)

I can't end this without being mentioning about the two awesome parties happened - one before new year night and one in the next week at KODAI :-D

I love my life :)

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And this is awesome too!

I have sucessfully migrated to the new HiSlain blog from my old WP blog. As i said i have been contributing to this application. I ported the plaintxt theme which i have been using.

Now, I have wrote a script which effectively migrates all the WP posts, pages, tags to HiSlain. I have done my migration with my own-script and am happy :D

During this migration there were problems thrown by unicode strings created by stupid-WP RSS file. I have to fix my script to encode and decode those strings while storing and retreiving from the file.

Current implementation has no built-in FTP. So am manually transferring files from my PC to web server. Will think of intergrating FTP support - yuvi also promised to do that. But i can't wait for that - I have migrated. And you re now in my HiSlain blog.

Now yuvi should also be happy.

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