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Forgive me if I'm bragging too much!

So here I am after running my first ever full 5km run. I should thank a lot of people for inspiring me to start running - most importantly joe. I know 5k is too small to be a significant distance. The 40.53 mins I took for running it is not really great. But above all I still feel very great to have done this. Currently I weigh 3kgs less than a century. Being a lazy bum, I have NEVER done any physical sports activites all through my childhood. So this insignificant run holds a big inspiration for me. Already looking forward to Kaveri Trail Marathon and TCS world 10k, which are coming up in next few months. Here is a photo of myself and karthik after finishing the run.

Click on the pic to get a better view.

I have been recording most of my runs in runkeeper. The 5k run is here

I hope running becomes part of my lifestyle. Wish me luck!

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