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Special thanks to my friend who made it awesome!

Email as far as I am concerned is the best way to communicate complex matters both professionally and personally. Best way among the modern day communication channels. Vocal talks, either Face to Face or Through phone/VOIP is too distractive for me. I couldn't tell exactly things I wanted to tell, because there is distraction in some or other way during the talk. Also I suck at choosing right words at the first time, so end up saying something awkward which spoils the whole talk. Email gives the comfort to present the thoughts in a undistracted way. Allows me time to choose the words correctly. And it has always worked, both in personal and professional fronts. And all the above points works for the opposite party as well. There is no instant response expected of you, so you can take time to go through the email, think about it and then reply. Exactly the reason why gtalk/whatsapp/* are not really working for me to do serious conversations. Email has done wonders and has also healed bad wounds for me!

Yesterday was one such day, where I ended up sending a long personal email to a friend and it fucking made my day :D I took 2 hours to draft that 50+ line email. Dumped all thoughts in nice way, and it kind of ended a 3 year long misunderstanding between us. I have tried this many times during vocal communication, or through instant messengers like gtalk/whatsapp/* but everytime it was too distractive to exactly convey the point. So again Email worked wonders, and both of us ended the day yesterday in a really happy note.

I can only imagine the joy people had in conversing through snail mails till the last decade. I decided I should try that once, before it becomes obselete like the telegram :)

PS: This post in addition to being a rant about email, remains here as a marker to the day, I ended a long standing dispute with my bestest ever friend! I've never been so happy recently. Thank you :)

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