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A long time dream come true!

Getting a own domain is a long time dream for me. My web presence was a LOT messy! Yes it was, and not is :P I first started blogging in Err okay, I won't say I blogged there. The desire to have a website dragged me there, and I did have a few blog posts, which are utterly nonsense stuff! hey but, what can you expect from a 16+1 year old kid :P That blog eventually turned into a tamil blog, which I still maintain here -

Next, is a short flirtation with While I was there, I learned there are plenty free hosting providers around, who will allow me to have a separate space on web! I also learned that they allowed me to install wordpress software myself and host a blog on my own. That was a big thing for me at that time. And I started accounts on dozens(yes, I was crazy :P) of those hosting providers and literally played with them. No serious web building stuff happened. All I did was experimenting installation of different softwares like wordpress, drupal, joomla, phpBB and all that stuff. The one which was the last and long lasted free hosting provider is :)

While all that was happening, I always wanted to have a fully owned domain name. But the domain registration costs were above Rs. 500 and I didn't want to spend too much into that :P Then I came to know about the free domains. They offered free sub domains for one year. I registered one as and used that with A lot happened after that, I started some serious web building, Tried to have consistent blog posts, Switched blogging softwares, Rolled out my own one here - dumbblogger :D (A detailed post on this some time later!)

I also switched to a super awesome hosting provider named - only pay for what you use :) As I completely use static files in my web space - (I use a static blog software! No databases :P) - nfsn proved very very effective for me. The whole hosting cost for my previous one year is just $ 2.04 ;) They provide ssh access, DNS, and a custom control panel and a lot more.

Recently a very generous fellow geek offered some free web space on his server, in which my current landing page is hosted :) Ok enough flashback - let me go into the details of the new domain. Recently I saw that .in domains are sold for Rs. 99 for one year. I instantly rushed to get one for me from I also heard that though the registration costs are lower, .in domains cost high for renewal. But I don't care cos I will be a employed guy next year :P So, I formally announce here that, Myself has bought a new domain and it will serve as my webface herafter!

PS: For now I have the and fully functional. But after few days, I'll make them redirect permanently to The blog will be available in Please update your feed readers and bookmarks accordingly :)

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